University Gender and Development program



The University Gender and Development Program (UGADP) envisioned an attainment of gender equality and full participation of men and women within the University to provide a socially responsible environment that is free from gender inequality.


To unify all efforts in all the units of the university in promoting gender responsive manner among men and women through participatory approaches for gender justice and equality.


  • To actively advocate gender and development issues and concepts thru gender sensitive trainings, seminars, and Information Education Communication (IEC) materials
  • To implement gender mainstreaming geared towards promoting gender equity in all units of the university as provided by law
  • To conduct researches integrated with gender issues and concepts
  • To integrate the principles of gender equality in curricular offerings and pedagogical systems and strategies



Gender mainstreaming in government was formally introduced by the National Commission on the Role of Women (NCRW) now Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) in 1994 as a strategy to implement the gender and equality policy of the state.

As compliance with this, the Central Luzon State University implemented Gender and Development Program spearheaded by Dr. Danilo A. Vargas in 1998. The GAD program that time employed only within Research, Extension, and Training as part of PCAARRD advocacy. However, due to lack of allocated budget for the program, Dr. Vargas renounced his position as GAD Focal Person. Since then, Prof. Janet O. Saturno from College of Fisheries was designated as Focal Point of GAD.

Implementation of GAD related activities was tough that time due to lack of financial resources in implementing GAD activities. On the other hand, this was not served as a hindrance in integrating gender and development practices in trainings, researches, and extension activities of CLSU, in general.

Activities like sex aggregating data among CLSU women and students, livelihood trainings for small-hold farmers, and disseminating IEC materials about women empowerment, are those among strategic stepping stone of gender mainstreaming in university wide. Additionally, the inclusion of gender and women studies in AB Development Communication and AB Social Science curriculum, strengthen the practice of gender mainstreaming, especially when NSTP include lessons about gender equality.

Despite of the struggles of Gender and Development Program, it still managed to promote gender equality in all the units of our university. The program annually passed its accomplishment report in PCWS. Thus, to properly organized GAD Focal Point system, Organization of GAD Task Force (UGaTFo) was created last 2008.

UGaTFo comprises of focal points in which more or less all sectors of the university. Through this group the university was able to monitor the incorporation of GAD concepts and issues in the implementation of all PPAs. UGaTFo serve as extended arm of the university in the education campaign on the equal rights of women and men in the society they belong. This was composed with five focal points. One coordinator and four members to name:  Prof. Janet O. Saturno, University Coordinator; Prof. Ma. Magdalena C. Galang, member (student sector); Prof. Luzviminda M. Galang, member (agriculture sector); Prof. Olive B. Parico, member (arts and sciences); and  Prof. Maria Corazon Vera Cruz (Research, Extension, and Training).

And last 2012, the Commission on Higher Education and PCWS mandated every SUC’s  to allocate 5% of their General Appropriation Act as budget for GAD related activities. Taken to this action, GAD in CLSU fortifies its implementation and visibility to the CLSU men and women.

Until now, the GAD Program is forefront by Prof. Saturno, and its established office was located in Freshwater Aquaculture Center.